# File Resolving Handler

If you just want to serve plain files from directory, look no further than the FileResolvingHandler. It is a pre-made request handler that you can use in your server to serve files for a specified directory.

In the example below, we create a new FileResolvingHandler that will serve content from a static-content directory, relative to where the program's working directory.

auto fileHandler = new FileResolvingHandler("static-content");
new HttpServer(fileHandler).start();

# Directory Resolution Strategies

There are a few different ways that the FileResolvingHandler can deal with requests to directories:

  1. Try to find an "index" file and serve that (like index.html, index.txt, etc).
  2. Show a listing of all entries in the directory.
  3. Return a 404 Not Found response.

You can configure the strategy that's used via the directoryResolutionStrategy constructor argument. It defaults to listDirContentsAndServeIndexFiles, but can be set via any of the following strategies defined in DirectoryResolutionStrategies:

Strategy Effect
listDirContentsAndServeIndexFiles Tries to serve index files, and if none are found, shows a directory listing.
listDirContents Shows a directory listing.
serveIndexFiles Tries to serve index files, or 404 if none are found.
none Always return a 404.

Here's an example where we configure a handler to serve index files, but not show a directory listing:

auto fileHandler = new FileResolvingHandler(
new HttpServer(fileHandler).start();