# Introduction

Handy-Httpd is a simple, fast, extensible HTTP server that can be embedded in your D lang (opens new window) applications. While there are more complex, fully-featured servers out there like Vibe.d (opens new window), Handy-Httpd tries to offer a simple solution for when you just need a server, and you just want to start right away.

To get started, add the latest version of Handy-Httpd to your Dub project.

dub add handy-httpd

Then, you can create a server like so:

import handy_httpd;

void main() {
    auto server = new HttpServer((ref ctx) {
        ctx.response.writeBodyString("Hello world!");

If you open your browser to http://localhost:8080 (opens new window), you should see the text, "Hello world!". The full example is available on GitHub (opens new window).